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This clear span marquee comes in increments of five meter bays up to 30m (we can go longer with advance notice).  This 15m x 15m marquee can also be increased to a 21m span from 15m span with extensions. The 21m x 30m clear span marquee is also used at Hatch House in Wiltshire to create a roof with clear roof panels to create the ultimate theatre for the ultimate outdoor ballet and theatre event.

The term ‘clear span’  is apt description for the lack of internal uprights mean that there is full usable space, and there are no issues with sight-lines when used for a performance space. The frame can support 150 kilos of hanging weight per beam. Having a frame means that lighting and furnishing clear span marquee can work well as a theatre or event space. 

The structures come with the option of either a 3m or 4m side leg and white and black panels are available for the 15m span marquees and structures.

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