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Large Stretch Tent. Festival Stretch Tent. Large Wedding Tent. Corporate Stretch Tent.

At CGSM we stock a wide range of large stretch tents. These tents cater to for the festival markets as well as for larger events and weddings.

Larger stretch tents are ideal as all-inclusive event spaces because of their size. These structures are consequently popular with both festivalslarger weddings as well as sporting events.

As a result these bigger structures with their higher capacities have become popular in recent years. We are experts in rigging large and very large stretch tents and are one of the few companies in the UK that can.

Similarly, festival organisers along with wedding planners, have started to recognise these brilliant tents as their ‘go to’ structure.

Hence, as one of the leading suppliers in the UK we get to work with world brands worldwide. Likewise, we work with brand and event managers regularly to ensure they have the product best suited for their event.

Our bigger tents are often hired out to corporate clients and larger private parties because they give their events impact.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch via our contact form.  Please do give us a call on 07570 361 282 & discover how we can create a dynamic space with our spectacular large stretch tents.