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Corporate events & stretch tents seem to work so well together, and always create an excellent backdrop for the event.  We have been privileged to work with blue chip clients such as Nike, Castrol, British Gas, Covent Garden Dance and many more.  They have found that the flexible and multifarious nature of the Freeform© stretch tent has given them new and exciting event options. If you/your company want to impress the right people for the right reasons and make an impression that lasts, then stretch tents are an original and great way to make an impact from the first moment.

Stretch tents make a bold statement for you and your business. Stretch tent branding is also available. (Additional two weeks advance notice needed.)

Just Do It.  (So we did.)

We were asked by Nike if we could create a multi-use space for an athletic fitness retreat using our stretch tents on a remote island off the coast of France.  ‘Of course we can…We’d love to.’ we said.

We were then informed of the challenge of getting everything to and from and onto the island as there was little to no transport to get the stretch tent and event equipment to the location once we arrived.

We love a challenge and Team Nike, so with the cunning use of boats, tractors, cranes, quad bikes…. and several large rugby players we ensured that Nike’s athletes and coaches got what they needed, on time and to the standard that the Nike brand demands.

If you would like to know more about our corporate stretch tents and event management then please get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call on 07570 361 282.

Athletes at Nike Weekender
Athletes at Nike Weekender on Sark
20m x 15m chino stretch tent on Sark
Nike competitor on Sark
20x15m chino stretch tent set up for yoga morning on Sark
Sark Island
20mx15m chino stretch tent with the sides down on Sark
Sark Island Competitor
8m x 6m black stretch tent at racecourse for House of Frazer
8m x 6m black stretch tent at racecourse for House of Frazer
Bloodhound SSC at Super Car 38mx15m white stretch tent
20x15m chino stretch tent at Nike event
Nike competitors celebrate after finishing 10K under chino stretch tent
Bar stretch tent at Nike event, lit with festoon lights and fairy lights
Retail stretch tent at event
Athlete warms up in the 'Stretch Tent'
Bar stretch Tent at event in London
Dining area under large stretch tent
Upper gallery at Hatch House under large stretch tent
Side of stretch tent
18mx15m white stretch tent bar
Back stage at Hatch House walled garden (20x23m stretch tent)
Dining arena at Hatch House
Ballerina warms up on stage at Hatch House under stretch tent
Back stage at Hatch House Ballet Show (20x23m stretch tent as a canopy)


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