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Our stunning stretch tents offer a fantastic backdrop for any event, furthermore with over a decade of experience in rigging and selling stretch tents, we consider ourselves one of the market leaders.

The Stretch Tent System is a fully water proof tent. Designed to give flexibility in combination with great looks it is also one of the sturdiest structures when rigged well.

Used regularly for private parties, weddings, festivals, corporate events and product launches; stretch tents provide an elegant and flexible solution for any occasion.

CGSM’s stock of stunning stretch tents alongside our team’s event expertise guarantee a personal and professional quality to each and every event or party.

Our Stretch Tents For Hire

5m x 5m white stretch tent rigged as a canopy

Small Stretch Tents

10m x 15m Platinum stretch tent for a private party in the Coteswolds

Medium Stretch Tents

18m x 15m white stretch tent rigged open ended for a small wedding in Wiltshire

Large Stretch Tents

20m x 15m chino stretch tent rigged for a sporting event

Combined Stretch Tents

The Freeform Stretch Tent is multifarious in it nature. This means that it is extremely adaptable and can be rigged in numerous different ways and styles. For instance the sides of Stretch tents can be rigged up or down in a number of variations. (All sides up or all sides down. One side up three sides down, two sides up two down etc).

This ability to create covered space in almost any area has made them the most versatile tent product available.

Did you know that stretch tents can be rigged off buildings, on grass, on concrete, over water, on ice or on top of buildings? We have done them all.

Our stretch tents can also be supplied with soft or windowed side panels (Octobar) should there be a necessity.

Whether you are looking for a small canopy for a dinner party in your back garden or 2000sqms mega-tent, we have the stock.

If you would like to know more about the stretch tents we have on offer please drop us an email on:  [email protected]  or call us on 01749 81 3313 or mobile: 07570 361 282