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Combined Stretch Tents


We can combine stretch tents to create larger event spaces to almost limitless proportions.

One of the most brilliant aspects of the stretch tent system is the fact that with experienced rigging teams and careful calculations combining stretch tents can potentially provide huge and dynamic event spaces.

Example: In 2014 we were asked to provide cover at a world renowned amusement park.  The stretch tent structure had to not only be installed in an incredibly difficult two-tiered arena space, but also be high enough to allow for a large stage and lighting rig.  We completed our installation (including flooring and carpets) within the 24-hour installation window much to the delight of our client. The capacity crowd of nearly 2000 guests were impressed to! (You can see the finished stretch tent structure in the bottom left hand image in below gallery).

Tell us how much you want to cover and we will create a solution for you, get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call on 07570 361 282.


Why a Stretch Tent?

The stretch tent design has two evident advantages over its competitors. The first is their adaptability and their receptiveness to their surrounds. The second is their natural lines and curves coupled with their unique looks which are making stretch tents the discerning client’s choice.

Depending on the size of the tent we may be able to set up in less than 4 hours and take the tent back down again in less than an hour. We work all over the world, from Dunstable to Dubai and work with a range of clients, from those with small budgets to blue chip organisations.

So whatever your requirements, get in touch with us at [email protected] or give us a ring on 07570 361 282.


Tent Setup Options

Sides Up

To enjoy and make the most of your surrounding environment we recommend rigging the stretch tent with the sides up as the way to go. Sit and enjoy the vistas with a perfect and eye-catching space.

optimised 5







Sides Down

We all know how the British summer can be very un-summery. If the weather is not abiding by the script then we can rig our stretch tents with their sides down to create an intimate, warm and unique space. This works brilliantly in winter and retains the heat very well. (Heating can be provided).

20x22m chino greenbelt fest night lit








‘Arcadia’ is when the stretch tent is set with one long side down to the ground and the other three sides up, creating a stadium like canopy. This can be useful when you wish to obscure an unwanted view in one direction but maintain the view in another. It is also perfect as viewing cover for a sporting or cultural event and is a style often used when we are rigging from a building.









This shape speaks for itself. Having the stretch tent with two sides down protects guests from two sides but allows the views front and back, this can also help with the flow of guests through a reception stretch tent.

IMG_4096 cropped

The Product:

  • Colours available: White. Black. Chino. Platinum. (Other colours available with advance notice)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wind rated up to 60mph (Some setups have lower wind rating)
  • Fire retardant (British Standard BS 3424.5)
  • The fabric manufacturer is ISO 9001/2000 accredited.
  • Environmental: ISO 14001 accredited.
  • Freeform Flex® 170 is manufactured from a high tenacity Polyester Interlock stretch fabric, coated with a stretch polymeric.