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Various range of colours and sizes

2016 saw us vastly increase our range of small stretch tents. We now have stretch tents ranging from 5m x 5m in white to 10.5m x 7m in platinum, and everything in between in a range of colours and sizes.

These small stretch tents are incredibly popular and are used by both our private and corporate clients. Their size means they can be worked into even the most complicated of spaces and are ideal for back garden drinks or dinner parties, swimming pool shades, or simply for extending existing event spaces (see our permanent installation page).

Their size also means that it takes our experienced crew even less time to set them up, any of these tents can be erected in less than 2 hours and taken away in 30 minutes.

If you would like to hire a stretch tent for your event then┬áplease get in touch with one of our experienced and helpful team members and we’d be happy to help.