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Stretch Tent hire 7 Things You Need to Know

Considering hiring a stretch tent for your next event? Then there’s some things you need to know.

When you’re planning any event, the venue is an integral and very  important element of the show. . Get this wrong and the whole thing can be a bust. Get it right and you can have a hassle-free, successful event that people will talk about for years to come.

Stretch tents offer a unique, flexible and totally stunning  alternative event space solution for every type of event, from small back garden dinner parties and intimate weddings, to huge festivals and corporate launches.

So how do you know if a stretch tent is right for you?

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about hiring a stretch tent and answer the most commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, or you’d like to get a quote for your stretch tent hire, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

1: What Is A Stretch Tent or Stretch Marquee?

Stretch tents, also known as stretch marquees, are a versatile alternative to traditional marquees and frame marquees. Made from completely waterproof, tensioned  fabric, designed specifically for this use, the canopy can be set up in an almost endless variety of shapes. Making stretch tents perfect for every kind of space; even the really awkward kind! Giving you an eye-catching venue and a professional, reliable structure. 

The stretch tent system consists of a clever, yet simple system consisting of  specialist freeform stretch fabric, poles and ropes to hold the canopy tight. Due  to the flexibility of these stretch marquees, stretch tent hire gives you almost unlimited setup options.

You can have a beautiful but simple canopy with no sides or a fully enclosed stretch marquee. You can even have a combination somewhere in between with some sides up and some sides down. The choice is yours.

What is a stretch tent

2: Are Stretch Tents Better Than Marquees?

Excellent question. I am a little biased, but I think the answer is yes. Here’s why:

While marquees are great, they are limited. They need a flat surface, plenty of space and they usually only come in one shape. Rectangular.

A stretch tent is much more flexible in style and functionality. Need an event space in an awkward location? No problem. Want to wow your guests with a memorable, dynamic event space ? You got it.

A stretch tent can be designed to suit any space. It can be large or small, white  or coloured. It can be a simple, traditional marquee shape or we can create a more unique and creative space to help you stand out.  We can rig stretch tents off existing buildings or structures, making the most of the space you have or extending your venue further.

The atmosphere inside a stretch tent is very different to a marquee. They don’t need much to bring them to life. The contours of the tent give it an aesthetically pleasing look just as it comes but add some simple decorations, such as uplighters or fairy lights, and you can create an incredible atmosphere. It is an inclusive structure which means that in contrast to a frame marquee a stretch tent lets you ‘include’ your environment. So if your event is located in a beautiful garden we can rig the tent so your locations is part of your space.

Finally, the material that stretch tents are made of is not the same as traditional marquees. It’s stretchy, completely waterproof fabric, giving a softer and warm interior without the need of additional liners or star clothes.

Are stretch tents better than marquees?

3: Is Your Event Space Suitable For A Stretch Tent?

One of the main benefits of stretch tent hire is that your stretch marquee can be designed around the space you have. Unlike traditional marquees, stretch tents are not limited by the ground-type, area or even overhead obstructions.

We can custom build your stretch tent around pillars and posts, fences and trees. We have small stretch tents for awkward spaces and super-sized combined stretch tents for huge events like festivals or brand launches. We can set up a stretch tent on gravel or grass, concrete or patios.

So in short, the chances are that yes, a stretch tent can be suitable for your event space and they are certainly more adaptable than traditional marquees – so if a stretch tent won’t fit in your space, no marquee will.

stretch tent hire things you need to know

4: Are Stretch Tents Waterproof?

One of the most common concerns people have when hiring a stretch marquee is whether they are watertight. The weather in the UK is unpredictable and very changeable at best. Basically, you have to be prepared for anything. You have bright sunshine in the morning, followed by rain in the afternoon and hailstones in the evening.

Stretch tents are fully watertight, strong and suitable for use in all weathers. There is even a video of a stretch tent surviving a hurricane.  But who wants to party in a hurricane!

The stretch tent fabric itself is fully waterproof and any seams are bonded using a special technique that ensures no leaks occur. The shape and style of stretch tents mean that should it rain, the water will not pool on the roof, instead it will run down onto the ground where it can drain away. Reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring the guests at your party or event stay cosy and dry.  

Are stretch tents waterproof

5: How Much Does Stretch Tent Hire Cost?

Stretch tent costs vary on the size and the location and the difficulty of the installation. Some companies may try to draw you in with initial cheap quotes, but these are often misleading because they can’t really give you an exact price without all the information. You need to look for a stretch tent specialist, as a lot of stretch tent manufacturers are selling cheap tents to marquee companies with no training. This is a big problem as stretch tents are very specialised.

Several things can influence the price of your stretch tent hire including the size of your stretch marquee, how long you want to hire it for, the travel distance, your location and if you opt for any internal decorations or additions such as a bar or lighting. There are so many options to choose from, we couldn’t possibly give you a set price. That’s the beauty of stretch tent hire. You get to create a bespoke party or event venue that’s unique to you and your needs.

The only way to get an exact price is to get in touch and ask for a quote. Our team of stretch tent hire experts will ask you some questions, then give you an exact price for your wedding, party or event.

6: What Size Stretch Tent Should You Hire?

Stretch tents come in a variety of colours and sizes. The stretch tent size you will need depends on what you will be using the stretch tent for, the location and the number of guests.

If you’re holding a wedding for 200 people, with a sit down meal and a disco in the evening then you’ll need more space than if you’re just holding a standing drinks event for the same number.

When you’re choosing the right stretch tent size for your event then it’s best to ask the experts. A good stretch tent hire company will ask you the right  questions, learn about your event and your plans, then advise you on the best stretch tent size to suit your needs.

If you’d like a little help with this then get in touch. We’ll be happy to advise you.

Custom Stretch Tent Events

7: Is Stretch Tent Hire Right For Your Event?

You might be thinking that stretch tents sound wonderful, but are they right for your event? The simple answer is yes. Whether you need a small canopy for your garden or a massive marquee for a large event, stretch tents can give you the perfect venue.

Corporate Events & Festivals

If you’re holding a large brand launch, corporate event or festival then a stretch tent can give you the flexible and memorable space you’re looking for. Not only can you choose a size and shape to suit your needs, but bespoke stretch tent hire lets you choose the colour of your marquee too, matching it in with your branding or tying it in with your event theme. You can even have your logo on your tent for a full branding experience!

Private Parties & Small Events

Small private events and parties can benefit from stretch tent hire too. Whether you’re holding your annual summer BBQ or a backyard dinner party, we can create a beautiful, watertight and functional space for your do. Stretch tents are ideal for awkward spaces, giving you the possibility of a marquee venue in an otherwise unusable space.


If you’re looking for the perfect fairytale wedding venue then a stretch tent can give you a beautiful blank canvas that you can make truly unique for your big day. We’ve tents that can seat a small, intimate wedding, up to a full wedding party of several hundred people. Choose between sides up or sides down, and customise your stretch tent with fairy lighting, carpeting, bars, furniture, dancefloors and even heating to make your special day perfectly unique.

So if you’re holding an event, large or small, a stretch tent can give you the flexible, waterproof and eye-catching venue you need. Click here to contact us for a quote or to find out more.


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