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We know that frequently asked questions are frequently asked for good reason. Everyone has questions, especially about stretch tents! What are Stretch tents? How do they work? Are they warm? How long do they take to put up?

We’ve compiled a list of  frequently asked questions which we hope will provide all the information you need! Don’t worry about asking any question, we are here to help!

We love it when people ask us lots of questions. Why? Because we know that the more we sort out ahead of the event the better the client will feel and the smoother things will go.  A well informed client is a happy client and we love happy clients and after ten years …. we have many!

There is no such thing as a Stupid Question.  Don’t be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions, so this place gives you a safe space not to be judged about asking it. Everyone here is willing to help.

If you have more questions then contact us via the contact form or give us a call on 07570 361 282.

If you don’t find the question you have in below our frequently asked question section then we would really love to hear from you.   We have been asked everything from ‘can you install a merry-go-round’ in a stretch tent? (The answer is yes by the way!) to… ‘can you rig a stretch tent over an ice rink? (Again the answer was yes …we can).

Interiors, Heating & Decoration

Not unless they are the chef. The stretch tents provide shade and allow a breeze to roll through keeping everyone at a happy temperature.

Our tents are very beautiful in their own right but the most simple and effective way is to hang decorations on the poles or between the poles. Additionally, you can use lighting to create wonderful and stunning effects on the tent.

On their own, our stretch tents are naturally beautiful. To gain a simple yet elegant look we find that flowers, whether on the poles, ground or tables mixed with great lighting will create a beautiful wedding environment.

It is common for people to hang things on the edges of the tent such as bunting or hang lighting between poles. Clients also just install their own branding inside the tent. You can also have lighting or other apparel attached to or between the centre poles. The tents would not need much decorating for a festival as they are eye-catching and have a strong presence anyway. Add in the music and drinks and that is all that is needed to have a great atmosphere in a stretch tent!

If it is looking a little chilly on the day of your event, we can provide heating and rigging options to keep it toasty inside.

Stretch tents have great natural air flow, so we have never come across a situation where it has been needed or requested.

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