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As a small but rapidly expanding company we recognise the need to have a strong ethos when it comes to the environment.  We decided from the outset that we needed to have a policy that ensured that as a company, we impacted the environment as little as possible.  Whether it was the office recycling or addressing the excessive package of some of our suppliers, we were determined to make sure that we made a difference.

From the outset we made sure that wherever we put up our stretch tents, we leave with everything we brought in order to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal.

The very nature of our tents allows them to blend into, and accentuate the surroundings in which they sit. We like to think that our tents do not cause a blot on the landscape, but improve it. By working with the client, we ensure that all the best natural features are shown and all the less attractive (if there are any!!) are hidden.

Over the next year we will be working towards BS8901 the event industry standard for sustainability and ethically correct event management as well as towards ISO9001.

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management Standard for all organisations large or small. It aims to help organisations become structured and efficient in all areas and as a company it remains important to us to keep move forwards in all parts of our service whether its hiring stretch tents or event management.