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Custom Stretch Tent Events

A Custom Tent Plan That Makes Owning Your Own Stretch Tent Easy

Whether you’re looking for a permanent stretch tent installation, or your own tent to use for seasonal or portable events, the Custom Tent Plan by CGSM Events can make owning your own stretch tent easy.

Helping You Choose The Right Stretch Tent For YOUR Needs

Every business is different. With a wide range of options available to you, choosing your tent can be confusing and time-consuming. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements and advise you of the best options for your needs. They’ll then oversee the fabrication and manage the delivery of your stretch tent, making your purchase stress-free.

Once your tent arrives our team will install it for you. About one week after the initial installation, they’ll come back out to your location to do one last checkup and ensure that the product is performing as you expected.  

Each of our tents are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to get exactly what you want. You decide the specification and we will create a Custom Tent Plan to suit your company’s needs.

This Custom Tent Plan is a tried and tested process that has helped many of our clients to increase their revenue. Giving you the extra space you need and a product that you can rely on time and time again.

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Hassle-Free Maintenance To Keep Your Tent In Tip-Top Shape

Owning a stretch tent is pretty easy, but it will need a little TLC to keep it in perfect shape as the years go on. With the Custom Tent Plan, we take all the hassle out of maintaining your stretch tent. We’ll clean it, repair wear and tear and even take care of the storage when your stretch tent is not in use. Extending the life of your investment and making sure you get more bang for your buck.

Whether you are a small business or venue looking to extend your outdoor seating area and increase your revenue, or a festival owner who needs tents rigged multiple times over a season, we can create a plan to suit you.

Permanent Custom Stretch Tent

Which Custom Tent Plan Is Right For You?


The Permanent Install

Perfect for pub gardens, back gardens, wedding venues or night clubs. This option gives you reliable weather cover all year round. We’ll work with you to design your ideal custom tent making sure you have the right size and colour for your requirements.  Each year we will return to your location to do a thorough check on all the product and it’s associated rigging equipment, repairing any wear and tear and suggesting replacement parts where necessary. This ensures that your tent stays in great condition and keeps serving your business for many years to come.


The Semi-Permanent Install

Ideal for seasonal events and venues.  We can work with you to ensure you have the space you need, when you need it. We’ll install your stretch tent for the winter or summer months and then remove and store it for you securely when your season is over. The programme is similar to the permanent install, but we will also clean and dry the tent when it is removed, check the tent for damage or wear and tear and make any repairs should it need them.  


The Multi-Install

Great for businesses that are on the move and want to take their tent with them, whether it is for brand promotions and activations, or festivals and event sites that run on a regular basis each season. Similar to the Semi-Permanent Install Plan, we take care of all the set up, cleaning, maintenance and storage of your stretch tent every time you use it. Making owning your stretch tent and setting up your business space easy and hassle-free.

Permanent Stretch Tent Purchase

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