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2019 Season

Our 2019 is already filling up. We have a very high repeat client base that grows year on year. This, we feel, is due to our high standard of service and excellent products. We are also renowned for always going the extra mile for all our clients.


The rest of our 2019 season is getting really rather busy, so please do get in touch on 01749 813313 or 07570 361282 if you would like to book one of our gorgeous stretch tents.

Do we sell stretch tents?

Most of our work comes from our clients hiring one or more of our Stretch Tents for a single event.

However, for different reasons, some clients require a long-term structure or a tent for multiple events. Sometimes they need a more permanent solution to the problem of weather cover.

Permanent Installations

As we wrote in last week’s blog, the English weather is a constant battle when you have an outdoor space, anyone who has ever hosted a barbecue will know this all too well! With that in mind, we can create a solution which combines outdoor and indoor spaces elegantly and beautifully.

Over the years we have designed, installed and maintained bespoke stretch tents for a number of clients. This is a great solution for bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as anyone who has an outdoor area they want to cover permanently.

One of our experienced team will go through the whole process with you; from initial site visits and measurements, through the design and installation, and also the long-term maintenance of their stretch tent.


Multiple Events

Some clients want to buy a stretch tent, but rather than leaving it up for most of the year, they need it installed at a number of events. This is something we can also provide. Along with designing, the tent(s) to the client’s requirements, and setting it up for them at the events, we also supply storage in our warehouse, as well as cleaning and maintenance of the canopy itself as well as all of the rigging gear that is needed to set it up.


If you are looking to purchase a new or second-hand stretch tent, please get in touch using our contact page to speak to one of our friendly team.

How to deal with the English weather


As I mentioned in my last post, the stretch tent system is at its best when set up as a canopy; to include and enhance the surrounding landscape. However, the great English weather doesn’t always allow us to do this, and put a bit of a dampener on proceedings!

As a company with a wide experience in both event management and stretch tents, we understand the need to make your party special, and guests being cold or wet isn’t conducive to that!

In the week running up to any event, we work with the client to work out the best option(s) dependent on the weather forecast. If the forecast is poor, then the best option is to lower one or more sides. However, this sometimes doesn’t work or simply isn’t possible, whether that is due to spacial requirements, or the need for entrances/exits. If this is the case, then we can construct custom sides on site as both a wind break, and to protect the guests from the rain.

As well as wind and rain, we understand how cold it can get during summer evenings. This is why we always offer our clients the options of hiring gas patio heaters from us for any event. Rather than blowing hot air into the tent, they provide a more direct heat. This is far more effective, especially when the tent is rigged as a canopy.


Why Hire a Stretch Tent?

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When we are asked by clients what the advantage of hiring a Stretch Tent over a more traditional form of weather cover is, I always think that there is no simple reason, and it depends enormously on the client and what they are looking for from their event as a whole, and the structure itself. However, I shall endeavour to simplify things for you into 3 categories.

Firstly, and most importantly, the Stretch Tent system is a thing of beauty. We have become so used to the traditional pole or frame marquee, that it is such a shock to the system to see someone’s event going on under a Stretch Tent. Their natural lines lend themselves to sitting much more naturally in the landscape, whether it be urban or rural. When you combine this with some great lighting and amazing interiors, it is difficult to understand why you would hire a marquee!

Secondly, Stretch Tents are designed to be set up as canopies. We can, of course, rig them with low sides or sides built on to keep out the rain or cold, but as a canopy they include and enhance their surroundings, rather than blocking you out from them. Why have an outdoor event when you are creating a space that shields you from the surrounding landscape?

Finally, they are inherently flexible! A clearspan or frame marquee has a specific footprint, and this cannot be changed or amended. When set up by an experienced team, Stretch Tents can be rigged off buildings, over existing structures and plants, as well as being able to cover spaces that are technically too small. Therefore, even the most tricky and difficult of spaces can be covered in the most beautiful and unique way.

If you need a Stretch Tent for any upcoming events, big or small, private or corporate, please get in touch by email ([email protected]) or by phone (07570361282) to chat to one of our experienced and friendly team.