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Stretch Tent Lighting

Lighting is without doubt one of the most important and overlooked areas when creating your event or party. As you will see from the image galleries on the ‘our stretch tents‘ page stretch tent lighting creates an incredible backdrop for your event.  It is a key factor in crafting the look and ambience of your space. Our lighting designer will work with you to create a lighting plan to suit not only the stretch tent but also your vision and also your budget. Stretch tents react wonderfully to light with their stretched light permeable membrane and when coupled with the architectural lighting of gardens and grounds, the results are spectacular.

We can supply everything from GDS up-lighters to festoon lights, fairy lights to sky-trackers, we will make sure your tent looks amazing day and night.

GDS Up-Lighters

GDS up-lighters provide 49 different pre-set colours, and can be set up to rotate through a number of colours. They come in a chargeable flight case, which means that the boxes are completely wireless. With the light being projected up, rather than down, they look great up against a pole, or even outside, up against a tree.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights come in 15 metre sections which can be easily set up around the tent, or even outside, to provide excellent lighting once it gets dark. Their golf-ball size bulbs provide excellent illumination, and look great when strung up in a few trees.

Fairy Lights

These are day-to-day fairly lights, but when arranged artistically, they provide a lovely touch to change the look of the tent. Their flexible nature makes them easy to wrap around ropes or intertwine between things.

Sky Trackers

Sky Trackers are essentially large spotlights that track through the night’s sky. They look great when paired with a large event tent.





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