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We know that frequently asked questions are frequently asked for good reason. Everyone has questions, especially about stretch tents! What are Stretch tents? How do they work? Are they warm? How long do they take to put up?

We’ve compiled a list of  frequently asked questions which we hope will provide all the information you need! Don’t worry about asking any question, we are here to help!

We love it when people ask us lots of questions. Why? Because we know that the more we sort out ahead of the event the better the client will feel and the smoother things will go.  A well informed client is a happy client and we love happy clients and after ten years …. we have many!

There is no such thing as a Stupid Question.  Don’t be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions, so this place gives you a safe space not to be judged about asking it. Everyone here is willing to help.

If you have more questions then contact us via the contact form or give us a call on 07570 361 282.

If you don’t find the question you have in below our frequently asked question section then we would really love to hear from you.   We have been asked everything from ‘can you install a merry-go-round’ in a stretch tent? (The answer is yes by the way!) to… ‘can you rig a stretch tent over an ice rink? (Again the answer was yes …we can).

General Stretch Tent Information

Stretch tents are perfect for creating the sense of event from the first moment your guests arrive. The freeform design not only creates dynamic event spaces but it is perfect for events where you want your guests to feel part of the environment whether a garden, beach or lakeside.  Stretch tents are fast becoming the event industry’s tent of choice. Their flexible nature and ability to create multifarious forms and shapes give them tangible advantages over standard marquees and traditional tents.  Our stunning tents offer a striking backdrop for any event, creating impact from the moment the first guest arrives. Used regularly for sporting events, private parties, festivals, weddings and corporate launches they provide a chic and flexible solution for any occasion.

You can buy stretch tents from us. We sell second-hand stock, brand spanking new tents and even custom-made tents to fit into those oddly shaped spaces. Take a look at our stretch tents for sale page or feel free to give us a call or email to enquire.

We have a large range of sizes from a 5m x 5m up to a 22.5m x 23m. If you are looking for a larger size canopy, we can link our tents together to create spaces suited to thousands of guests.

It is important to consider exactly what you would like to have underneath the stretch tent. Firstly, look at the number of guests you have and whether they will be seated or standing or even roaming in and out of the tent. Consider also, whether there will be a bar, DJ or band, dancefloor, aisle, furniture etc. If you let us know what will be inside the tent, we can suggest a size that we think would work best for you. We can even provide a floor plan so that you know that space is going to good use.

In our current stock, we have white, chino and platinum tents. Although it is possible for us to get blue, yellow, green, red, pink and more, we would however need some time to get that prepared.

This is a common question, along with how do stretch tents work. Stretch tents are a waterproof fabric that is flexible and can stretch. They are wonderfully versatile meaning that they can fit into most spaces, use any number of fixing points and can have their sides rigged high and low. A picture paints a thousand words, take a look at some of the photos on our website to see for yourself.

The price is completely dependent on the size of the tent. We have many tents of different sizes, so enquire about the size you need and we can provide full pricing.

About your Location

We can set up a stretch tent on pretty much any surface. On grass, we use 1 metre long pegs, so there does need to be reasonable soil depth. I this isn’t possible, then we can use a water ballast system or wall fixings, so long as there are suitably strong walls.

This really depends on the size of the tent and if the space is complicated. We usually can set up within four hours and take down in an hour.  Larger tents take longer and if you want us to rig over obstacles or features we can do this but within reason! We can’t rig tents over 15m trees! If you want us to add lights and floors then this takes longer, but we can usually do everything in a day. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Certainly not! We work with clients as far away as Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. We’ve even set up beautiful spaces on Sark Island and Monte Carlo. We’re happy to travel to any location, and will always keep delivery costs to a minimum in the process.

It should not take long, usually taking a few hours to install. This can change depending on the size of the tent and the intricacies of the venue.

No, it does not. The tents are versatile and can be rigged on slopes and undulated ground. Bare in mind that large slopes will make flooring options more difficult.

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, this isn’t possible. Our team are expertly trained to ensure your tent is set up both safely and efficiently, so leave it to us!

We absolutely can fix onto the building to make the tent work as an extension to the indoor space. We can also fix onto trees and other solid fixtures such as railings. So rather than be in the way, they can be useful to your event.

Interiors, Heating & Decoration

Not unless they are the chef. The stretch tents provide shade and allow a breeze to roll through keeping everyone at a happy temperature.

Our tents are very beautiful in their own right but the most simple and effective way is to hang decorations on the poles or between the poles. Additionally, you can use lighting to create wonderful and stunning effects on the tent.

On their own, our stretch tents are naturally beautiful. To gain a simple yet elegant look we find that flowers, whether on the poles, ground or tables mixed with great lighting will create a beautiful wedding environment.

It is common for people to hang things on the edges of the tent such as bunting or hang lighting between poles. Clients also just install their own branding inside the tent. You can also have lighting or other apparel attached to or between the centre poles. The tents would not need much decorating for a festival as they are eye-catching and have a strong presence anyway. Add in the music and drinks and that is all that is needed to have a great atmosphere in a stretch tent!

If it is looking a little chilly on the day of your event, we can provide heating and rigging options to keep it toasty inside.

Stretch tents have great natural air flow, so we have never come across a situation where it has been needed or requested.

Weather & Safety

We cannot control Mother Nature, but we can accommodate her.  We keep a close eye on the weather forecast before any event and the day of set up we will consult with you and judge which would be the best set up option for the weather. In the event of more than a light drizzle and gentle breeze, we can install the tent with low sides to keep the weather out and the guests inside feeling happy and warm. We can also provide heating and air conditioning.

A stretch tent can handle most of the British weather and up to 50mph winds.

Yes, all of our stretch tents are 100% waterproof.

Absolutely, they would not be so popular and widely used if this was not the case.

The fabric manufacturer is ISO 9001/2000 accredited. Environmentally, they are ISO 14001 accredited. If you require more information about our stretch tents and their ratings then please get in touch.

Materials & Manufacture

Our stretch tents are made by only the best! This means that we have triple-ply fabric that is waterproof, fire-resistant and anti-microbial. Our Teflon is treated with UV stabilisers.

By the magical stretch tent fairies in the faraway land of South Africa…. It is a trade secret, we can’t have everyone knowing!

Comparison to Marquees

We like to think of marquees as puzzles with lots of pieces that fit together. Stretch tents are blank canvases, they look different from one rig to the next depending on how they are rigged and decorated.

It really does depend on which marquee or tent from which company to the pricing, it can go either way. Stretch tents can be a little more expensive at times. They do require a lot of expertise to rig, they can fit into many spaces and are aesthetically superior (in our opinion).

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