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Octobar Stretch Tent. Side on. Sides off.

The Octobar stretch tent is a bit different from our stretch tents with 8 entry and exit points.

The Octobar stretch tent comes with custom-made walls or windows that fit perfectly into each entrance/exit.  For that reason the tent can be rigged with doors on or off, depending on the clients needs.

Sides on. Sides off. The choice is yours.

As a result we can use this flexibility to create a unique and beautiful open-sided structure. This allows your guests to enjoy a more open air experience with the sides off or comfort from the elements with sides on.

The Octobar Stretch tent has only 5 main interior poles due to its simple design.  Hence it has a very efficient use of available space while still offering excellent weather options.

We rent this stretch tent style out regularly to clients who want not only the good looks of a stretch tent but also a statement.

The Octobar is the sturdiest of all the stretch tent structures due to its shape and design.  With a rigging time of around 3 hours it makes it one of the most appealing tents on the market.

This iconic and eye-catching structure is often used as a centrepiece for private, corporate and festival sites. Call one of our experienced team members on: 01749 813313 or email us on